‘My Local Metrics’

‘My Local Metrics’ is a new data service allowing LG Inform Plus subscribers to add their local data items, or local performance indicators, to the LG Inform database for use alongside the 5,500 publicly available data items it already holds.

Using the LG Inform Plus secure platform, users can define new metric types and upload their values for use within the LG Inform, LG Inform Plus and API data services. Once created and the data uploaded, these metrics can be used to create anything from simple charts, tables and maps to complex reports to better reflect local needs and priorities. The new data is ready for use 24 hours after upload.

The LG Inform and LG Inform Plus functionality, such as our report writing tools, natural neighbourhoods and the API can be used to surface the data or write detailed reports using your own data alongside a range of values from national sources. Subsequently, by adding new data for following time periods, these reports will automatically update as the newer data is added.

Additionally, subscribing organisations can choose to share this new local data with other subscribing organisations to promote joint working on strategic initiatives: for example via a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment; the ‘My Local Metrics’ service enables users to precisely define which organisations can view the new data on an item by item basis: allowing users to keep some data items private while sharing others to key partners if they so wish.

How can I get access to ‘My Local Metrics’?

To access ‘My Local Metrics’ your organisation needs to subscribe to the LG Inform Plus service. Subscribing organisations have an automatic allocation of 25 database spaces ready to store their local metrics with their standard subscription. More database space, for additional metrics can easily be added by upgrading your original subscription. For further information about ‘My Local Metrics’ please email lginformplus@local.gov.uk or visit the subscription benefits page for the latest pricing information.